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The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos (IHFK)  is a public benefit foundation, founded in 1960, in honor of the father of medicine Hippocrates, following the initiative of surgeon/urologist and professor at the University of Athens, Spyridon Oikonomou, who also became the first president of the foundation.

The Multilanguage Hippocratic Library can be found at the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos. It is the result of the vision, initiative, and total funding of the honorary President of the foundation, emer. Professor of Medicine, Rutgers—New Jersey Medical School USA, Christos Moschos.

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Ο μύθος των Κώων για το ακρωτήριο  Χελώνη
The myth of Kos about Cape Heloni
Category: Classic Greece


The geographer Pausanias in the Columns of Olympian Zeus, saw the statue of Poseidon, who pretended to throw a spear against Polyvotis, then exclaimed: "The myth of the Kos about the tip of the Turtle".

An inconceivable eruption occurred at Cape Heloni, one of the largest in the history of the Earth, 161 millennia ago. The geomicro is inspired by this eruption. It is the oldest volcanic history in the world. Probably the oldest story ever told from person to person. Even earlier a stronger one broke out that we did not know how much bigger it was.

Here is the history of the volcanoes of Kos-Nisyros, and not only.

Large volcanic eruptions are often associated with the collapse of empires. A huge eruption in 43 BC contributed to the rise of the Roman Empire, and between 536 and 626 AD volcanic eruptions paved the way for a new religion to dominate - Islam. In 1816, a distant explosion acted as a catalyst in the Greek uprising against the Ottomans.

With a guide, the Aegean Poseidon, meet from another point of view the General, the Turtle, Kalymnos, Patmos, the Bodrum Peninsula, Tsatalia [Capries], Columbus, Santorini, Anafi, Asfendiou, Pyli Antimachia and Kardamena, the land of my great-grandfather.

The book deals with geomycetes and volcanic processes. Distributed for free, you can download it here by following the link.

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